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    There is never a good time to replace equipment, but if your Lincat Water Boiler is beyond repair then we can act quickly to get it replaced, keeping disruption to a minimum.

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    Used water boilers are an economical alternative to new boilers. Our used boilers are fully descaled, cleaned and to ensure they are in good working order before they are shipped to customers.

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    We stock a wide range of Lincat water boiler spare parts and consumables in our own warehouse and distribution space located in Bridlington, East Yorkshire ready for same day dispatch or collection.

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What Water Boilers Spares & Parts Do We supply?

There are 3 categories of spare parts we supply

1.Genuine manufacturers parts, these are parts that are purchased directly from the equipment manufacturers themselves, some components are bespoke and supplied directly to manufacturers only, with these parts we must source them from the manufacturers directly.

2. Like for Like, these are the same as the manufacturers genuine parts only they have been sourced from the parts manufacturers (OEM) or their distributors directly.

3. Generic parts, these are parts that have the same properties and perform in the same way as the manufacturers genuine parts but they may be from an alternative manufacturer.

We are pleased to say that we have a growing number of Like for Like and Generic parts available on key lines which means depending on the part there could be some substantial savings compared to the manufacturers genuine sales prices.